Gesellschaft für elektrische Hochleistungs­prüfungen Member of Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL)


The PEHLA Product certification authority certifies products and components of the electrical power engineering in the voltage range above 1kV AC and above 1kV DC shown in the product standards for:

  • circuit-breakers
  • load switches disconnectors
  • earthing switches
  • fuses
  • factory built switchgears and controlgears
  • gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgears
  • high-voltage a.c. contactors and motorstarters
  • on-load tap-changers
  • surge arrestors
  • transformers
  • reactors
  • PLC-systems
  • instrument transformers
  • capacitors
  • insulators
  • fittings for overhead-lines and switchgears
  • bushings
  • HVDC-thyristor valves
  • operating, detecting and safe-guarding devices for work on electrically energized systems
  • equipment for earthing and short-circuiting.


The product standards elated to our scope are fixed in the list of standards as attachement to the Accreditation Certificate of the German Accreditation Body DAkkS (


Not included are confirmations and product-certificates for specifications to product standards implemented at national law.