Gesellschaft für elektrische Hochleistungs­prüfungen Member of Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL)

PEHLA Testing

The PEHLA Testing Division acts as an umbrella organization for high-performance test laboratories in Germany and Switzerland. In order to perform PEHLA tests, the company uses its partners' laboratories against a fee. Strict separation between the testing activities of the partners and PEHLA as well as complete security regarding confidentiality and information is contractually safeguarded and guaranteed by separate accreditations and regular monitoring audits. The PEHLA test facilities offer development and type tests for domestic and foreign power system suppliers. All laboratories are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

The Testing Division is one of the three PEHLA Divisions.

For performing PEHLA tests, accredited PEHLA laboratories specializing in medium and high voltage are available to customers.