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Evaluation procedure

The certification procedure for a product is structured into the following five sections, see also flowchart for a certification procedure.

Application procedure and examination, certification agreement

In the application procedure (ZP 302), the product manufacturers formulate their intention to acquire a certificate in an application form provided by PEHLA ZERT. PEHLA ZERT checks these data and the documents submitted for completeness and suitability.

At the time of application, PEHLA ZERT expects that the essential type test certificates are already available (i.e. type tests have been performed already before the date of application and acceptance by PEHLA ZERT).

The type tests performed before the application is submitted are the customer’s responsibility. The customer must confirm the conformity of the submitted type and routine test certificates and design documents (depending on the certification program) with the identity of the products to be certified by means of manufacturer's declarations in the application.

In support of this, in accordance with the QMH, the Applicant is offered the opportunity to have the documents checked for their usability by a technical expert in a preliminary examination which is subject to a fee. The name of the proposed technical expert is communicated to the Applicant in advance. After PEHLA ZERT has reviewed the application, the product manufacturer receives a cost estimate and the contract documents for the actual product certification procedure.

The Certification agreement shall be concluded (ZP 303) after positive examination of the application.

Evaluation procedure

In the Evaluation procedure, the technical expert nominated by PEHLA ZERT checks the submitted evidence of conformity according to the evaluation plan (Checklist ZP 206) for compliance with the requirements of the reference standards, if applicable, according to the desired certificate type, according to items 5.1 to 5.4.

Verification of the fulfillment of the requirements for type testing, routine testing, design and construction (manufacture) of the product in a production facility certified according to ISO 9001, if applicable, is usually performed by the technical expert at the production facility.

The expert formulates the findings in an expert report (ZP 210).

Assessment procedure

In the assessment procedure, the results of the evaluation are checked for completeness of the documents by PEHLA ZERT, which is not involved in the evaluation process, and the proposal for issuing the certificate is submitted (ZP 113).

Decision-making procedure

In the decision-making procedure (ZP 107), the decision on the issue of the certificate shall be made by the Head of PEHLA ZERT based on the expert report and the recommendation issued by PEHLA ZERT. In the event of a positive decision, the corresponding certificate is issued and included in the list of certified products, which are published on the Internet at the website

If the requirements for the certificate are not satisfied in full, the Applicant will be given the opportunity to make corrections. Afterwards, the expert and PEHLA ZERT shall re-evaluate the system (subject to a fee).

The decision of PEHLA ZERT is not subject to appeal.

Monitoring procedure (type D only)

In the monitoring procedure, the maintenance of conformity with regard to the characteristics “design, type testing, routine testing, manufacture” shall be monitored for subsequent products (of the same type, manufactured during the validity period of the product certificate).

Self-monitoring by manufacturer (type D only)

In accordance with the contract, the manufacturer must inform PEHLA ZERT immediately of any changes relevant for the type-test to the design or concerning the supply of main assemblies and provide proof of any necessary repetitive type tests.

For this internal self-monitoring of their product, the manufacturer must maintain a monitoring system for all functionally relevant changes to the design or suppliers of components and their qualification. This must be declared to PEHLA ZERT at the beginning of the procedure.

PEHLA ZERT will perform a corresponding re-evaluation in this regard in the event of changes regarding conformity.

Monitoring by PEHLA ZERT (type D only)

PEHLA ZERT shall monitor the valid certificates.

Half way through the validity period of the certificate, a verification shall be performed by PEHLA ZERT. In the scope of this verification, the manufacturer shall be required to confirm the conformity of the certified product in writing.

In the absence of the above-mentioned written notification from the manufacturer, a reminder will be sent specifying a fixed deadline. After expiry of this deadline without results, the certificate shall be withdrawn by PEHLA ZERT and the note "invalid" shall be added in the list of certificates published on the homepage.

Moreover, the manufacturer undertakes not to misuse the product certificate. Misuse shall also be punished by withdrawal of the certificate.