Gesellschaft für elektrische Hochleistungs­prüfungen Member of Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL)

Purpose of Product Certification

Product certification gives the manufacturer the opportunity to have their product(s) certified by an independent, competent and authorized third-party organization (Third-Party Declaration of Conformity) with regard to the fulfillment of product standards focusing on development/design, type testing and routine testing as well as quality management of manufacture.

Certificates save the end customer (operating company) the time-consuming and challenging checking of the documents themselves which are submitted by the manufacturer to prove the conformity of the products to be purchased, giving them an independent status.

With the product certificate, the product manufacturer is attested the conformity of the product with the international standards and additional user specifications after a thorough assessment by the technically experienced personnel of the certification body. This concerns in particular the conformity of the fulfillment of the subsequent requirements (depending on the certification program selected):

  • Requirements for type tests in European test laboratories accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025, which are directly or via the national test facility association linked to the STL 
  • Requirements regarding design and construction 
  • Requirements regarding the routine tests 
  • Requirements regarding a quality assurance system certified to ISO 9001